“Because I believe in love, I will ask for love.”
-Elizabeth Gilbert

You show up.

You listen and ask questions. You’re genuinely interested in others. You follow up. You share about yourself, your life, your interests. You are present and here, available. You’re honest and transparent, working to live your truth. You don’t play games, knowing that this one and precious life is short and sweet – that we must celebrate it and live it, fully, presently, all-in.

You’re a man.

You’re both strong and vulnerable. You know that showing your emotions means you’re strong. You’re patient. You’re sexy, handsome and brave, courageous and bold. You know that sexiness means listening and being present, asking questions and sharing. You’re unafraid of my energy, strength, big-ness and boldness. You celebrate it, in fact. You’re not intimidated by me, my past, my struggles and you are able to hold it all.

You’re woke.

You’ve thought about your power and privilege as a man. You see the world as it is; see the power dynamics and work to change them – even if it’s just through your daily actions. You have learned about yourself, evolved your thinking about your own life. You are aware – of yourself, the world – as you’ve done your work, and are ready to keep learning.

You’re passionate.

You have a big heart and aren’t afraid to live vulnerably. You do what you care about and care about what you do. You’re driven by your passions and happy to share them. You respect others’ passions and want to learn about those as well. You’re generally curious about the world.You aren’t afraid to love – and trust and believe that it is indeed the only way to live. You’re kind and compassionate. Let me repeat that: You’re kind. You know what kindness is, and it is how you live your life – valuing generosity, appreciation and (again) kindness.

You’re adventurous.

You’re willing to take risks, knowing that living small is no way to live. You value your physicality, taking pleasure and pride in using your body, being outside, being active. You want to travel, see the world, experience other cultures. You are open to the idea that there are different ways to do things. You take pleasure in the world, and its people. You have varied interests, beyond your work, your family – the world, in general, interests you. You’re curious.

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