Can’t make this up…

In the 7 days or so, this has happened…

  • I went on a tinder date with a dude who told me how he got circumcised when he was 13. No joke. He told me that. And then he told me how, if he got a tattoo, his mom would kill him. And then he told me how he was so bored with life until about 3 years ago when he started to build a robot. Yeah, no joke.


  • I was communicating with a dude (bro?) on bumble and when he heard I was leading a women’s bike trip this past weekend, he asked me if I ‘liked to fuck women’. Uh, where did you get that from? ‘Well, you have a lot about women empowerment on your profile and then you are leading a women’s trip.’ Me: You mean, how I said I was a feminist? Yeah, no joke.


  • I was suppose to meet up with a guy for a drink. He disappears the day we are suppose to meet up. Yeah, no joke.

Ah, NYC…. you’re so fun in so many ways….


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