Watching, learning

I’m a people watcher anyway. I love listening in on conversations, watching social cues – how people talk to each other, how they interact.

When I was traveling in South America, I spent many an hour sitting in plazas (a staple of all South American cities – even the smallest village), eating popcorn (how can it be so good?  Oh, right — this is the birthplace of maize) and watching people.

But – introduce the subway.  Subway, meet me.  Me, meet subway.  Good lord, it is a people watching bonanza.  A match made in heaven.

I find that I watch couples a lot. There is probably a lot to read into there…. I didn’t have a lot of good models for couples that interact, who talk through their disagreements, who struggle together. Maybe there was a time that my parents did just that, but I never saw it. And that marriage ended. Maybe there was a time my dad did that with my stepmom, but I also never saw that. And that marriage ended.

So now, my models of a relationships are my friends, who, while they say they are still just figuring it out, sure seems more together than I can imagine. Or, maybe, just more than I have seen.

So, I watch couples.

Trying to learn.



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