3 weeks of swiping

Because I am not exactly beating back the masses wanting to go on dates with me (yet) – I thought that I would check out the internet fad I keep hearing about – Tinder.

And, all I can say is… glad that experiment is over.

For all you non-single people who don’t have the great joys of internet dating (is there any other way in this new-world of ours?!) let me tell you about Tinder (and you can keep your laughter and shock to yourself on the other side of the interwebs).

In the fun new world – on Tinder, you can post up to 5 pictures of yourself and you have a little space to write something witty about yourself.  But here’s the really fun (insane?) part – you only see each other’s picture at first.  And you can either A). swipe left for nope, B). swipe right for yep, or C). click on the face to see more pictures and read if they wrote anything and then do A). or B).

And, if your possible new interest has also swiped right for yes, then you are ‘matched’ and can message each other.

Yes, people – we have come to that.  Humanity has come to this for dating.

No wonder I am still single.

In any case…. I bravely tried it for a few weeks.  It is ridiculously addicting (swipe left, left, left, left, oh – there’s a right, left, left…..).  I got matched with a few guys.  I messaged with an even smaller number of guys.  And then I quit it.  Cold turkey.  Just like that.

And while it was largely a big waste of time – there were some interesting take-aways.

  1. There are a lot of gingers out there hoping to hook-up/date/whatever.
  2. If you are holding a gun in one of your profile pictures – and it’s not of you during active duty (which is also strange to me, but less strange) – we are probably not a match (not being anti-gun, people – but see statistics of domestic violence and who women die by.  and yeah… my point, exactly)
  3. Similarly – if your first picture is of you with a scantily-clad woman and you both are all up in each other…. well, maybe you are into that – but you and I are probably not going on a date (then, again, you may not be looking for ‘dates’)
  4. People (men) do not really seem to be there to message or actually – go on dates? Not sure what that is about (ego? time-filler?) – but nobody got time for that.

So, yeah….  that was a good time.

And…. we’re done.  Back to the proverbial drawing board of dating.

Good times, good times.



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