Let’s get this thing started

But, in order to start, we need to get a few things straight.

First off, I know my parents love me – and have their whole lives. I am a child of their love, NO doubt in my mind of this. None whatsoever.

And yet, just like all of us…. they are deeply flawed. After all, they are human, just like me and all my flaws.

But, when you’re a kid – you expect that they are NOT human. In fact, you think of them as super human. They are your heros – no – your superheros – swooping in to save the day when you fall and skin your knee.

(and for the record… I cannot even fathom how hard the job is to be a parent and to be there for your kids for everything – to understand how to navigate the social, emotional and physical challenges that kids go through)

And so…. when my dad left when I was 8 and my mom struggled to get her ground and raise two kids (and did a damn good job given the whole situation), I struggled. It wasn’t the ideal situation for me and it hurt me. My superheros left, without a word to explain. Not because they didn’t love me, but instead because no one knew what to do in the situation. But it hurt me in real and significant ways – and I was that little kid left alone on the playground, swinging on the swing with no one to push her.

So, these pages…. no, they are not about the the fault of being abandoned on the playground – but instead of rising out of that.  The hopefulness of realizing this struggle and lifting up, shaking out my wings and rising up.

Up up up…..


2 thoughts on “Let’s get this thing started

  1. Love your new blog Aurora! And especially love the more personal slant. Oh my, how I can relate to this… It’s funny how you can look back and see the circumstances that led to certain struggles and challenges (and survival skills!). I agree, it’s not about fault, but awareness. When we become aware of why we chose certain things, internalized certain emotions or created beliefs and ideas which we carreid with us into adulthood, we are free to choose a different present. Much love and luck and hugs and hi fives to you as you begin this wonderful new project xoxoxo


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